What Should Guide You When Buying Designer Eyeglasses?

18 April 2019
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For many people, buying eyeglasses might seem to be an easy task. However, it is not as easy as you imagine. Eyeglasses are an important accessory that must meet your functional and aesthetic needs. In fact, many people prefer more than one pair of eyeglasses to spice things up. It keeps them from the boredom of a monotonous look and helps them match various outfits to accessories they have for their eyes. Certainly, all these aspects mean that you have to give the glass-buying process all the attention it deserves. Here are the things that should guide you when buying designer eyeglasses. 

Your Health and Visual Acuity

Your health and well-being stand out among all the things that should guide you when buying designer eyeglasses. Even if you like a certain brand, shape, colour or configuration of eyeglasses, you need to refrain from anything that will worsen your eyesight. You need a thorough eye exam before settling for any type of eyeglasses. The examination includes the following tests: 

  • Focus ability: measures how fast your eye can focus on objects far or close to you. 
  • Tracking: focuses on the ability of your eyes to track a moving object. 
  • Acuity: measures the sharpness of your eyes and vision. 
  • Perceptual skills: measures your ability to conceive and make sense of the things you see. 

Since eyeglasses must help you achieve all these, many outlets have an in-house optometric specialist to carry out the tests. Your choice of glasses will depend on the outcome of this examination. 

Your Personality and Lifestyle

You need to think of your eyeglasses as something more than an accessory used to correct your vision. They are an extension of your personality and how you carry your self around. Frames with bright colours show confidence while dull colours imply a calm and collected nature. Donning designer frames with bold colours is also an opportunity to showcase your artistic side. They have distinct embellishments that you can show off quite easily.

Your Face

Does your face stand out as a subtle round shape or a square shape with a dominant jawline? What features stand out on your face? These questions will help you find eyeglasses that complement your face for the best look. For instance, if your face is round, you might want to try out square glasses for a classic and fashionable de-emphasis. The point is to have the best look possible so that you are comfortable in your skin with those glasses on.